Why PRE-PLAN your funeral arrangements?
  • Decisions made ahead reduce the emotional demands on the surviving loved ones at the time of death.
  • Your loved ones or family members will know clearly what you want, not what they think you want
  • Helps maintain family unity during a tough time.
  • Financial arrangements may be completed in advance to help offset financial burden on your loved ones.

Pre-arrangement is a thoughtful method of funeral planning which grows in popularity each year. Some people do this with the sincere desire to avoid being a burden on their families. Others like the idea of having everything taken care of, and yet others may have no one else who can make arrangements for them.

When a death occurs, it is the next of kin who assumes primary responsibility for the funeral services. Making funeral arrangements for someone while guessing at their preferences may be one of the most difficult tasks a person can face. Having your choices and instructions on file with a funeral director eliminates any unresolved questions. It is also wise to keep a copy of your pre-arrangement forms and discuss them with family members so that everyone understands your wishes. It is essential to include the suggestions and ideas of family since your death will directly affect them.

Funding your arrangement is another important decision to be made in the pre-arrangement process. While funding is not necessary to create a pre-arrangement, it can further ease the financial concerns of family members. This also allows you to arrange the kind of service you prefer and be assured of adequate funds for the future payment of the service. We have several options available for funding your pre-arrangements, whatever your situation.

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